Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments in Brooklyn

Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessments in Brooklyn

Knowing Your Options & Planning for a Successful Future

At Ridge Psychological in Brooklyn, we are happy to offer a range of neuropsychological evaluations, including Autism Spectrum Disorder assessments for children and young adults. Our skilled clinical psychologists have years of training and experience providing thorough assessments and accurate Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnoses. With virtual services and two locations in Park Slope and Bay Ridge, visiting our team for a neuropsychological evaluation is a convenient option for families.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Sometimes referred to simply as Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a group of related conditions that are characterized by difficulty communicating, interacting with others, maintaining attention, and controlling repetitive behaviors. No two people have the same experience with ASD, but with diagnosis and planning, those who struggle with ASD (adults and kids alike) can thrive.

Getting Started

If you or your child need an assessment for ASD, get started by contacting our office in Park Slope or Bay Ridge by phone, send us an email or you can book a phone consultation appointment right now. We offer a free phone consultation to review your concerns, go over costs and fees, and answer any questions that you have. Once you make an appointment, you will receive our start up forms through a secure portal to complete in advance of your appointment so that we can review your concerns before you come in.

What Should I Expect During ASD Testing?

In most cases, your pediatrician will be the first person to let you know your child is showing signs of ASD. During the well-child visits at 9, 18, 24, and 30 months, your pediatrician will screen for the common ASD indicators. They may perform a more thorough evaluation if you have other children or family members with ASD. If warning signs are noted, your pediatrician will recommend you visit a professional for a complete assessment. There is no blood test, x-ray, or scan that will immediately verify whether or not a person has ASD, but there are a number of tools that will offer a clearer diagnosis, including:

‚ÄčAutism diagnostic interview – for children 18 months and up and adults, assessment will usually include an interview. The psychologist will be assessing behavior in three areas: the ability to reciprocate social interactions (appropriate responses to verbal/nonverbal cues), communication skills, and restrictive or repetitive interests and behaviors.

Autism diagnostic observation – this is usually a modular series of assessments that is standardized to evaluate social interaction, communication, play, and creative thinking.

Autism rating scales – these systems are often used by teachers, counselors, and medical professionals who are screening for ASD. More advanced assessments that rely on rating systems are also used to help determine where the person with ASD falls along the spectrum.

What to Expect at Ridge Psychological

We are a team of experienced psychologists who aim to provide each client with compassionate, individualized care. We offer consultations, neuropsychological and educational evaluations, and therapy services. For your safety, our team is providing secure virtual and in person services.