• Counseling for People Struggling with Depression in Brooklyn

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    Everyone feels sad and struggles with motivation, but when these feelings last for days or weeks and keep you from leading your daily life, you may be struggling with depression. Depression is a real concern that can be overwhelming.

    Remember, depression is not just sadness or difficulty getting motivated. It can also include insomnia, eating more or less than usual, and/or hopeless, to name a few. Luckily, you don’t have to handle depression alone. Working with one of our trained clinical psychologist can give you the support you need to understand how depression affects your thoughts, behaviors, and actions. Most importantly, counseling for depression can give you the skills you need to start making progress, achieving your goals, and feeling better every day.

    How do I Know I’m Struggling with Depression?

    Anytime you want to work with a clinician to improve your daily life -it’s the right time. However, understanding the difference between sadness and depression is also important. Sadness is an appropriate emotional response to many situations. Depression is the word professionals use to describe disordered emotional responses where depressed mood lasts for an extended time or otherwise interferes in your daily life. Those who are struggling with depression may answer yes to some of the following questions:

    • ​Do you experience a depressed mood (hopelessness, listlessness, sadness) that lasts for most of the day, nearly everyday?
    • Have you experienced depressed mood on the majority of days for weeks, months, or even years?
    • Have you stopped doing things that matter to you?
    • Has your weight changed dramatically (higher or lower weight)?
    • Has your sleep schedule changed (sleeping too much, sleeping not enough)?
    • Do you feel guilty, worthless, or listless on a daily basis?
    • Is it difficult for you to make decisions?
    • Do you consider hurting yourself or have you ever planned to commit suicide?

    Getting Started

    When you’re ready to get started working through depression, you can contact our office in Park Slope or Bay Ridge by phone, send us an email or you can book a phone consultation appointment right now. Once you make an appointment, you will receive our start up forms through a secure portal to complete in advance of your appointment so that we can review your concerns before you come in.

    What Happens During Counseling Sessions for Depression?

    Depression is a common condition, and our clinicians work with our clients to successfully develop the skills they need to tackle this disordered emotional state. At your first session, we’ll talk about what specific things have happened that lead you to visit us. Then, we’ll partner with you to discuss the range of options available to help you overcome a daily struggle with depression, including therapy or a combination of therapy and medication.

    During your counseling appointments, we’ll discuss any particular events of the week that weighed heavily on you, times you felt most depressed, and how you thought, felt, and acted in response. We want you to have the opportunity to develop new skills to cope with depressive episodes and maintain an even, stable mood. Our goal is not to take away from your experience of emotions, which is a real concern that prevents many people from reaching out. Depending on your current experience of depression, we may want to meet once a week in the beginning. Once you experience a greater level of mood stability and develop good coping skills, we may meet less frequently.

    What to Expect at Ridge Psychological

    We are a team of experienced psychologists who aim to provide each client with compassionate, individualized care. We offer consultations, neuropsychological and educational evaluations, and therapy services. For your safety, our team is providing secure virtual and in person services.