• Creativity Over Cancelling during COVID-19

    Limits in social interactions due to COVID-19 has led families to have to change plans for important events, as well as regular activities. Finding creative ways to adjust activities as opposed to cancelling them can help maintain a sense of normalcy in daily life, and give your children something to look forward to. Below are a few ideas for adjusting activities.

    After School Activities

    • Kids who are used to participating in a variety of extracurriculars outside of  school might find themselves missing these activities, and it can be helpful to find a way to incorporate their favorite activities into an at-home routine by designating time for fun activities.
      • Sports: Those with access to outdoor spaces can utilize those. Others can set up activities indoors utilizing household objects, such as a garbage can to create baskets or goals.
      • Arts: Those who like visual or performing arts can complete craft projects. These might include drawing using free printable coloring pages, making gak or slime, or collaging.
      • Music and Dance: Practicing instruments, singing, and dances can keep kids engaged in activities they enjoy. You can encourage kids to continue practicing what they’ve learned before, or help them learn something new by finding sheet music, or videos of dance classes online.

    Birthday Parties and Celebrations

    • Celebrating special events such as birthdays, or the end of the school year, can be fun, even from home! You can plan a virtual party in which your child gets to see their friends and family. Some video conferencing platforms such as HouseParty allow participants to play games virtually, which can add to the fun. Additionally, having those in the home share in celebratory traditions such as having a cake, can help make the celebration feel festive.

    Family Vacations

    • Dedicating time for the family to be together doing fun and novel activities can help maintain a feeling of “vacation” even when travel plans have to be cancelled. This might include cooking or baking together, playing games, or completing a puzzle or project.