• Top Five Reasons to Try Teletherapy

    • Safety.  During COVID-19 staying at home can help you protect yourself and those you live with from exposure to the virus, and additionally slow the spread of the illness. Teletherapy allows you to access mental healthcare from the safety of your home, without the stress of sitting in a shared waiting area or meeting with a provider face to face.
    • Access.  Teletherapy allows for access to a greater number of providers as location doesn’t have to be taken into account. This can help when looking for a provider who provides the right fit for your needs. Additionally, teletherapy can help save time associated with appointments, which may make them easier to fit into busy schedules. This can also lower costs associated with appointments, as there may be a decreased need for transportation and childcare costs, as compared to in person therapy.
    • Privacy. Virtual therapy options eliminate the need for a shared weighting room, which can ease concerns about privacy for some patients. Therapists often use HIPAA compliant (such as Wecounsel.com, Thera-link.com, and Doxy.me) video conferencing platforms to ensure confidentiality.
    • Coping. During these uncertain times, many people are experiencing increased anxiety and low mood. Teletherapy can help provide a space to process these changes and provide tools for coping with these new stressors.
    • Effective. Research has found that teletherapy is as effective as in person treatment for a variety of mental health concerns including depression (1,2), anxiety (2,3), social anxiety (3), and panic disorder (3).


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