• What to Expect During a Virtual Neuropsychological Assessment

    What is a neuropsychological evaluation?

    A neuropsychological evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of functioning designed to determine the roots of a variety of difficulties, and guide tailored recommendations for overcoming these challenges. This information can be useful for children and adults alike.

    What does a virtual assessment require, and what should I expect?

    Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, psychologists have started to offer telehealth options for neuropsychological evaluations. Parents may seek out evaluations for their children if they notice their child is having challenges in school or with online learning in any of the aforementioned areas. Teachers or administrators may also recommend an evaluation. Adults may choose to begin an evaluation if they feel there are noticeable changes in their functioning they want to learn more about.

    If you or your child have been evaluated before, it may be hard to imagine how such a comprehensive evaluation could be transitioned to a virtual platform. Luckily, many of the validated tests are available online. Evaluators can still administer the same tests used to assess various domains, including academic, social, emotional, and executive functioning over a secure, online platform. Evaluators may additionally conduct interviews, and perform observations in order to complete an assessment, speak to teachers and provide personalized feedback and recommendations.

    How to prepare for an online assessment?

    To prepare for a virtual evaluation, consider the following:

    -A quiet space with a good internet connection.

    -Some aspects of these assessments may require paper and pencil elements, which the evaluator will send you in advance and have you return via mail.

    -For those who have a hard time engaging virtually for extended periods of time, it may make sense to plan on having frequent, short term sessions in order to complete the evaluation, as opposed to fewer lengthier sessions.

    -Speaking with a psychologist about your concerns will allow you to plan for an evaluation that meets your needs.